Reverse Logistics

When it comes to returns management here is what you need to know: The more cost-effective and streamlined your returns process is, the happier your customer will be and the better your business will run.


Visibility. Efficiency. Service – the keys to successful reverse logistics. Product and merchandise returns, also known as reverse logistics or returns handling, are a natural part of any retail business. When it comes to evaluating your returns management practices, the question shouldn’t be “Will we have to process returns?,” but instead, “How will we process returns?” and “What do we need to do to put the best returns management process in place?” 

Exceeding expectations…yours and your customers’.  At Global Response Fulfillment, we work closely with your retail operation – both web-based and brick-and-mortar businesses – to make sure that your reverse logistics process is comprehensive and covered from end-to-end, while still being fully customized to the way you do business – and the way your customers expect you to do business.

Managing the process for you and your customers from start to finish. We manage the entire merchandise returns process for you and your customers, from the point at which your customer decides to return an item to receiving the return on our end to processing it accordingly. Above all, we make sure that your customers have a positive and productive experience that leaves them feeling loyal and eager to continue doing business with you.

Returns management is a key part of your customer service strategy. Oftentimes, the customer with a return is expecting to be treated like your best customer. With a reverse logistics partner like Global Response Fulfillment, you can be sure that this customer will be treated exactly in that way…from start to finish.

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